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The weekend was a complete waste of time

I was so excited to get out of town and do some shopping, but what was supposed to be a fun weekend turned out to be quite boring, irritating and a complete waste of a good two days and a motel stay.

Where to start...

After the reception Dave's cousin invited us back to her house. Actually was kind of insistant on it, and although I didn't want to go, and Dave was kind of so-so on it, we went. Big mistake. I told him that I only wanted to go for a little while and then come back and have a few drinks at the motel. So we go to the house after a stop at Walgreen's and McDonalds, and end up staying there until 12:30. The couple that got married are paganist. As we were getting ready to leave, the subject of religion comes up between her grandmother, mother, the two of them, and us after they ask us what we thought of their handfasting ceremony at the reception. (They got married in Vegas last week and then had a reception this weekend with the handfasting.) Which I thought resembled more Native American customs than Paganist, but I don't know much about Pagan/Wiccan. So this 23 year old punk that she married, who thinks he knows everything (proved otherwise when asking what we do for a living and then after we responded going off on this schpiel about how American oil is going to be a hot commodity, etc. I don't think he understood at all what we do, but it doesn't really matter), anyway, proceeds to engage in a conversation about religion, and wanting to know about ours. Which was fine, but then the best reason he has for becoming paganist, is because you can do whatever you want. Then proceeds to say that he doesn't believe anything that he doesn't do extensive research on, but that was really the only reason he gave. So we go back to the motel, tired and pissed at ourselves that we ended up staying that long, and that we just didn't tell them no, like we wanted to in the first place.

During the weekend, both of the parents managed to insult me. With the father taking it a step farther to comment on my dad, whom he has met once. Classy people these are let me tell you. I'm not even going to comment on it any further because it just pisses me off.

Then I go up there ready to shop and find absolutely nothing that I like or that fits right or anything. I was so aggravated! I bought some Almond Oil lotion, but that's about it. Oh, and Dave got two shirts, but other than that, nothing. GRR! I think my biggest pet peeve is to go into a store and find something once, then go back into a store of the same name and not find anything at all or the size you bought the last time, fits differently this time. How does this work?

Oh, and to top it all off, we got to listen to a truck or a bus idle outside our room for two hours that morning and when I finally got out of bed (because I hadn't slept for two hours already) it pulled away and all was silent again.
I was pissed.

Needless to say we came home tired, crabby, and with no cute clothes and wishing we'd never gone in the first place. Even worse, down on myself because of their comments. If I never see that side of his family again it will be too soon.
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