Rae76 (rae76) wrote,

I'm going to be answering their questions from time to time....

What is one food that you refuse to try? Why?

I've decided to try to start answering these questions....why? Because I need something to stimulate my mind and just rambling about my life these days seems to be mundane. Plus these questions are mildly amusing at times. :)

So here's my answer:

Canned Spinach. I just won't try it. I like fresh spinach, I like frozen spinach that is cooked into something, but I won't try canned spinach. It's a big lump when it comes out of the can. It doesn't even resemble something edible, it looks like it used to be something, but nothing that would be of any nutritional value or have any pleasurable taste to it. Popeye might have gotten big and strong eating it, and maybe cartoon spinach tastes better than "real" spinach. (if canned spinach can be called real) I just can't bring myself to try it.
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